Our story

MeowzieGames is a small game development team founded in 2014 by Ron Lin and Vincent Ellersen after years of working privately in the IT(Information Technology) & private game server community. Our first and only current game project is "Haures" a Survival Horror.

On a personal token: We are an international team of coder's and friends that passionately work on video games and other entertainment software, technology related projects to create unique and expressive designs for that which we love; Video Games.

Our driving goal is to create quality games and entertainment for the next generation of video games, push the limits of current technology for both ageing gamers whom relish in the bygone days of Wolfenstein/Doom(no hand-holding) and the next generation whom are keen to seek a challenge.

"In a mad world only the mad are sane." -Akira Kurosawa

We look forward to surprising people. (^-^)

Ron Lin

Lead Game Developer, Business Manager. Ron also works on some of the social content. Co-Founder of MeowzieGames. Lives in the Netherlands.

Vincent Ellersen

Game Developer, Web Media & Graphics Artist. Vincent also works on much of the social content and community management. Co-Founder of MeowzieGames. Lives in New Zealand.