Haures is a video game currently in alpha testing by MeowzieGames that is a Co-Op, DK2 Oculus Enabled, Survival Horror Maze Game created in Unreal Engine 4.

You and your friends are lost occult confessor's, confused and rummaging through the visage of a demon's nightmarish labyrinth. Your mind's will struggle to find Solomon's keys and end the possession you are all now enthralled in. You and your friends will never be the same as your senses are distorted, defrauded and tormented.

Quite simply, if you cannot stand the torment. What better way to enjoy yourself than listening to the misery, screams and fear of your friends! :)


Work as a team and survive!

-Can play with or without the Oculus
-Single Player
-(Co-Op)Co-Operative/Multiplayer Gameplay through P2P connection(Ideally 4 Players)
-DK2(development kit 2) Oculus Support
-Randomly Generated Maps
-Random Starting Points
-Selectable Maze Environments
-*More features to be announced later in development and community feedback*